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Here is what we offer:
Computer repairs, upgrades, and support Whatever trouble you have with your computer or mobile device, we will thoroughly investigate, quickly identify the problem, and do our best to fix it as soon as possible. If your computer is running slow or behaving in an untypical way, then it might have a virus, need more storage, or simply an update. Tech Solutions  is an expert in handling virtually all types of computers and mobile devices.

Mobile and / Tablet Repair

Want to upgrade your software? Need an urgent mobile phone fix? We will help you out with all this and more! Tech Solutions is a computer and cell phone repair company providing a wide range of services to its many clients in East Hampton, NY and the neighbourhoods. We offer quality parts at great prices and fast service that will meet all your requirements and exceed your expectations. Mobile devices and cell phone repair, including fixing: 


Console Repair. Having problems with your console?. no need to worry. if you have any problems with your console: overheating, broken HDMI ports and other problems. Bring it to Tech Solutions. We can help you resolve problems that can cause stress when trying to use your game console. 

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